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UK Based: Battlefield Tours & Journeys of Remembrance specifically for Canadians 

 Image Gallery: Canada & World War 1:  Canadians on the Western Front: France & Belgium: "Lest we Forget"  

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance Please be patient while the Canadian WW1 Image Library loads as it is a large file. Use the controls on the bottom of the image to reverse, stop or forward the image if you wish to have more time reading the inscriptions on the plaques.

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance This photographic library comprises mainly high quality photographs of the poignant - but beautiful war memorials and monuments to the Canadian forces who fought with incredible bravery and sacrifice in World War 1 in France and Belgium. Of particular interest is the series of photographs of the Vimy Memorial Park, described as one of the most amazing and breathtaking war memorials in the world. Also of interest is the grave and commemorative plaque of Lt Col. John MCcrae, author of the most famous of war Poems, "In Flanders Fields" which is the lead-in music track on the home page of this web-site. We also feature a photograph of the grave of famous VC winner, 20 year old  famous Canadian Piper James Richardson.