Canadian Battlefield Tours for Word War 1 & WW2: France & Belgium: The Western Front & the Ypres Salient where Canadians fought in WW1: Neuve Chapelle, Somme, Vimy, 2nd Battle of Ypres, Passchendaele, Mount Sorrel, Arras, Cambrai, Hill 70 & Hill 52  World War 2: Battlefield Tours & War Grave Visits for D-day, the Battle of Normandy, the Scheldt: Scheldt estuary, Flushing, Walcheren Causeway, Leopold Canal & Woensdrecht. Other WW2 battles: Dieppe, Boulogne, Cap Griz Nez, Dunkirk, Calais & Breskens Pocket. The  Canadian War Museum in Adagem, Belgium and Mont Lambert. In England - Battle of Britain & Canadian airmen in Bomber & Fighter Command: RAF