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 NEW! 2019:  Canal Boat Battlefield Tour: Somme

 NEW! 2019: 75th Anniversary Multi D-Day Tours

 NEW! 2019: 75th Anniversary 1 Day (Space still
            available!) Paris - Paris D-Day Tour

 NEW! 2018/19: 1 Day 'ULTRA' WW1 Tour

 2018/19: WW1 & WW2  Canadian Battlefield Tours

  2019: Battle of Scheldt 75th: Liberation of Holland

  2020: WW2 Bomber Command: The Canada story

  2020: The Battle of Britain: 80th Anniversary

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"In Flanders Fields" - Lt. Col. John McCrae 

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 WW1 Tours 2018:  Western Front & Vimy Ridge

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STAR-NEWS-30 2019: 75th Anniversary of D-Day, 2019 Multi Day Tours: (WW2 Only or - WW1 & WW2)
 2019: 75th Anniversary D-Day - 1 Day tour 6th June 2019 - ex Paris
STAR-NEWS-30 NEW! Our weekly 2019 ULTRA 1 Day Canadian WW1 Battlefield Tours ex Amiens
STAR-NEWS-30 2019: Our regular & highly acclaimed WW1/WW2 multi day Tours of France & Belgium!

 New releases: 2019: 2020:
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2019: 75th Anniversary of the 'Battle of the Scheldt' and liberation of Holland (Netherlands) by the Canadian forces
2020: The amazing story & immense bravery of over 55,00 Canadian men & women who served in Bomber Command in WW2

2020: The 80th Anniversary of the famous 'Battle of Britain' where 'the few' held the line and saved Britain and the 'free world' from Nazi invasion. Join us - it's going to be a great few years!

Who and what is Spirit of Remembrance (SoR) and why are we DIFFERENT to other Battlefield tour companies?

The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance  'We Live here. We Know here. We are passionate about here'. Spirit of Remembrance ("Spirit") is a global, fully licensed travel & tour operator for Remembrance & Battlefield travel & tours worldwide. Based in the UK, we specialise in the Canadian, Australian, US, NZ and UK markets for high quality Battlefield & Remembrance travel. Our motto: "Travel with Meaning."

We at Spirit are passionate about our ethos and our core identity: Remembrance. Our philosophy and goal is to "Perpetuate Remembrance" to living and future generations through education, knowledge and inspiration. We at Spirit pay tribute to those whose sacrifices, extraordinary courage and immense bravery gave us the freedom we enjoy today.

Spirit was born of a fierce determination to provide affordable, high quality special REMEMBRANCE & FAMILY HISTORY global travel experiences with the best specialist battlefield guides in the world, providing the highest standards of customer service, ethics and travel experience possible.

The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance We are a UK based Battlefield tour & travel company specialising in Canadian battlefield tours. Being based in the UK - at your destination - rather than your departure country and only 2 hours away from the European battlefields - gives us 'real time' expert knowledge and 24/7 customer support for you whilst you are travelling with us.

The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance We are FULLY LICENCED travel professionals where your monies are kept in a TRUST ACCOUNT.  Many other local battlefield tour operators DO NOT do this. Your money is SAFE with us. We are NOT a budget tour operator, and we firmly believe that our customers should be treated as we like to be treated when we travel: with great care, total professionalism, and providing quality product(s) throughout your total travel experience with us.

The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance Our Managing Director is Canadian - and is passionate about remembrance of the enormous Canadian sacrifice made in all conflicts, in particular WW1 and WW2 in Europe and the deep significance of remembrance of these sacrifices for all Canadians.

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The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance Our Guides
We only use highly experienced EXPERT historian guides, most of whom are members of the elite Guild of Battlefield Guides who besides being overall experts for battlefield & remembrance tours are also individual experts for specific battles and battlegrounds for Canadian Forces.
Our guides are experts in WW1 and WW2 specifically where Canadians fought, such as WW1: Neuve Chapelle, the Somme, Vimy, 2nd Battle of Ypres, Passchendaele, Mount Sorrel, Arras & Cambrai.

In WW2 the bravery - and disaster at Dieppe, Normandy and D-Day, the Battle of the Scheldt & liberation of Holland: Flushing, Walcheren Causeway, Leopold Canal & Woensdrecht, Cap Griz Nez, Dunkirk & Calais and the Battle of the Rhine.

Last - but not least - we live here. We know here. We provide real 'hands on' knowledge and support in the same time-zone - while you are here in the UK and Europe. The main battlefields of Europe are on our doorstep and in most cases - only hours away from us.

The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance Tailor Made Tours We also can create premium and PLATINUM 'tailor made' remembrance and battlefield tours specifically designed to YOUR individual needs. Our ability to create 'one off'' travel itineraries or tailor make a special itinerary for you from 1 person to 500 people makes us unique. We can mix and match by accommodation, transport and specific itinerary to suit your requirements - using wherever possible premium accommodation and transport options along with a dedicated expert historian/guide.

The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance We also can help you with 'drive yourself' tours' or car (and mini-bus driver/guide  tours -also with an expert historian/guide). As an example we can source a 'tailor-made' Western Front WW1 tour in France and Belgium including all Canadian forces battlefields and memorials - either directly from London or from Paris.
The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance Our tours cater for all types of people and all types of itineraries: individuals, small groups, family groups and larger groups. Of great importance is that our Battlefield and Remembrance tours are NOT a 10 minute bus stop in a car park near a battle ground. We 'walk the actual ground' where your Canadian ancestors fought', i.e. WW1 and the Western Front, often pinpointing the area where they fell (the Somme, Ypres, Vimy, Passchendaele etc and we visit their graves or Canadian memorials wherever possible.

Our tours use battlefield/historian guides who also can do extensive family history research for your ancestors here in the UK with a variety of *top level resources (*some actually closed to the public) such as the National Archives, Regimental HQ's, Army/Air Force records etc. 

The Flanders Poppy -  The Spirit of Remembrance In summary: What we believe that sets us apart as one of the best in the business for battlefield tours and remembrance travel - along with family history research - is our our quality product, excellent prices, our award-winning customer service, our specialised battlefield tour guides, our unique Advisory Board and our management team's depth and range of experience.

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