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Lt Col. John Mcrae: (30 Nov 1872 – 28 Jan 1918): Author of "In Flanders Fields"

Lt Col. John McCraeArguably Canada's most famous son, John McCrae was appointed as a field surgeon in the Canadian artillery and was second in command of the 1st Brigade Canadian Field Artillery at Ypres. The field guns of his brigade's batteries were in position on the west bank of the Ypres-Yser canal where his close friend and ex student, Lt. Alexis Helmer was killed. As the chaplain was away McCrae presided over the burial. It is is widely recognised that his burial inspired the poem, "In Flanders Fields", which he wrote on May 3, 1915. McCrae later discarded the poem, but it was saved by a fellow officer and sent in to Punch magazine, which published it later that year.

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance The Flanders poppy which was integral to the theme of the poem, grew in profusion in the blasted earth of the battlefields and in the cemeteries of Flanders.

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance In June 1915 he was ordered to leave his artillery to set up No. 3 Canadian General Hospital at Dannes-Camiers near Boulogne-sur-Mer in northern France. McCrae is reported to have strongly protested about leaving his beloved guns with him reportedly saying to his commanding officer "all the goddamn doctors in the world will not win this bloody war, what we need is more and more fighting men."

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance"In Flanders Fields" swiftly became one of the most popular poems of the war, used in countless fund-raising campaigns and frequently translated. It was also extensively printed in the United States, which was contemplating joining the war, alongside a 'reply' by R. W. Lillard, ("//Fear not that you have died for naught, / The torch ye threw to us we caught//").

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance On January 28, 1918, when still in charge of the hospital at Boulogne, McCrae died of pneumonia with "extensive pneumococcus meningitis" complications. He was buried the following day in Wimereux Cemetery and his flag-draped coffin was carried on a gun carriage preceded by his horse: "Bonfire", with his boots reversed in the stirrups. His gravestone is placed flat in the cemetery as are all the others because of the unstable sandy soil.

Plaque for Lt Col. John MCcrae Grave

Grave of Lt Col John McCrae

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